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CONGRATULATIONS! YOU finally found someone to review country music who actually likes the stuff! In your 1/19 issue (“Country Counterculture”), Dwight Yoakam’s, Jim Lauderdale’s, and Roger Miller’s music was not presented with an air of sarcastic superiority or some lame reference to Ricky Skaggs’ religion or hairstyle. Rickey Wright did good.

Music lovers should remember that beauty exists side by side with awfulness in every musical style, individuals determine what is great and what is ugly in our own minds, and we all disagree in some way or another. I believe that reviewers perform the greatest service when they understand the style and can talk about how a piece or collection of music compares with others in the same vein. Speaking of country, there’s some real crap out there, but there’s some real gems, too. Thanks for focusing on the good stuff for a change.

Alexandria, Va.