THANK YOU FOR JOHN Cloud’s article on fired Washington Times columnist Samuel Francis (“Angry White Male,” 1/19). At the risk of enraging liberals, may I offer Francis some support?

I too have found some of Francis’ racial statements to be half-baked; he’s a professorial type who plays with ideas, not a timid politician. But the general thrust of his argument is correct: White gentiles need to become more group-conscious and demand their rights. (Jews are already group-conscious, and they show us what can be accomplished.) Thirty years of liberal government have taught us that individuals no longer have rights in this country. Only groups have rights. Whites have to get a big piece of that action.

Genteel bigotry against white gentiles, particularly males and Christians, is accepted in Washington. Our establishment media demonstrate this every day. Cloud notes, on the other hand, that Francis’ “sentiments aren’t so rare in small-town dailies across the country, [but] are seldom seen in Washington.” Why is that? Aren’t people around the nation supposed to be represented here?

The forbearance of white people has been remarkable, considering that they’re a large majority. But racial preferences have gone too far, and we need to set this right before economic hardship spawns a search for scapegoats. White people need to find their voice. When minorities push whites with their demands, whites have to push back. For example, whites should scuttle the racial quotas concealed under the Orwellian phrase “affirmative action.” Eventually, minorities may realize that group politics is counterproductive for them. Then maybe they’ll join us in trying to build a better society. I don’t see any other way out of the cockpit we’re in.

Cloud says that Francis doesn’t “understand that putting it in racial terms (rather than race-neutral terms) is exactly the problem.” Some problems are racial. Why is it wrong to put these into racial terms? Johnnie Cochran said explicitly that we need to recognize race and deal frankly with it. Allan Bakke was denied admission to medical school in California for being white. Is it wrong to point this out? Blacks point out that blacks are underrepresented in many jobs, and they argue that this is prima facie evidence of discrimination. This charge of discrimination is a terrible insult to white managers, but no one screams racism at blacks for making this argument. We discuss the allegation seriously. No one blames Jews who stand up for other Jews. But if I point out that Jews are overrepresented in medicine and the media, and blacks in the NBA, and ask whether these disparities also prove discrimination, then I’m a racist and pariah. Sensible, well-meaning white people are mad as hell over this double standard.

Liberals are flaming hypocrites in these matters. When I was a grad student, we leftists were interested in ideas. In late-night bull sessions, we’d thrash out contradictions like these, testing the nonsense in the daily papers and trying to find a consistent position. No longer. Leftists today are intellectually bankrupt slaves of PC propaganda.

Those of us who marched with Martin Luther King still hope to see, in our own lifetime, progress toward a race-blind society, in which you’ll be judged by the content of your character. But some people don’t share that goal, and it seems far off. Twenty years of living here and reading the ravings of arrogant urbanites have convinced me that they need to learn respect for others. Maybe reading a few “small-town dailies” would help.

Samuel Francis, Cloud tells us, “lacks…schmoozing skills.” He’s “rotund” and “awkward.” He “lies totally outside the comfortable Washington insider culture.” We could use a few more like him.

Greenbelt, Md.