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Many District residents have more than their credit card bills to spark memories of Christmas past. Strewn beside city curbs are the tinsel-coated corpses of Christmas trees ignored for weeks by the District’s trash collectors. But for most Washingtonians, the days of hurdling once-festive evergreens on the way to the car are coming to an end. More than a month after the holiday, the Department of Public Works (DPW) is planning a campaign to rid D.C.’s streets of Christmas trees. The Solid Waste Administration’s Tom Liddell blames the Blizzard of ’96 for the delay in pickups, but he promises “one final sweep” to clear out all the trees. Even so, don’t hold your breath waiting for your tree to be carted off and ground into compost. There are but five trucks devoted solely to Christmas tree removal. Liddell estimates that the project could take at least two more weeks, which means DPW will be removing the last vestiges of Christmas just in time for Valentine’s Day. CP