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The Rev. Jesse Jackson has all but abandoned his job as D.C.’s nonvoting statehood senator, but he did grace the city with a rare visit last Thursday. Jackson was riding the coattails of his son Jesse Jr., who was recently elected to a real seat in Congress. At a National Public Radio brown-bag lunch, the pair treated an invitation-only crowd to a briefing on the elder Jackson’s new campaign to reclaim 60 U.S. Senate seats for the Democratic party. In the time-honored Jackson tradition, both father and son sidestepped questions about the specifics of their plan. Instead, they made heartwarming references to their “intergenerational leadership and strength.” Jackson oozed, “I love my son and I’m proud of him. Nobody is going to work harder for the community than he will.” Jesse Jr. quickly replied in kind, saying, “I love my dad and respect him as a father, a leader, and a man I prayed with.” Jackson père did take time out from the family lovefest to answer a question about how he reconciles his recent move to Chicago with his job as the District’s statehood senator. “I have not moved to Chicago,” Jackson retorted. “I’m there a lot to work with Operation PUSH, but still work here. I’m still the best man for statehood senator.”