THE SOLUTION TO THE ACLU problem is simple (“Taking Liberties,” 2/2). Petition to have a separate ACLU chapter for the District. Why should people with interests in Montgomery (especially those so-called liberals of Takoma Park who voted to place themselves in Montgomery County rather than P.G. or D.C.) and P.G. County have any say-so in the matters of the District of any kind? If they are that interested, let them move here.

The interests of the members of the ACLU from the District are, at best, dissimilar from those of the county members. It’s time to have our own. And by the way, D.C. should begin to take control of (or rename without the words “Washington” or “District of Columbia,” i.e., no more “greater Washington” anything) any organization, be it one of the government or the private sector that has controlling or voting members who do not live in the District.

Sorry, but you have nothing important to say. Nada. Unless you want to pay a commuter tax.

Cleveland Park