Planning to party at Fleetwood’s? Don’t start thinking about tomorrow. Or next week. Next month? Stay tuned…. “Fleetwood’s will be temporarily closed through the month of February” is the greeting callers to the Alexandria bar and restaurant are now getting. Owned and operated by ’70s icon Mick Fleetwood, the bar has been kind to D.C. players, with a booking policy that has favored mostly local R&B acts. But suddenly last week, the venue shut its doors, and management told the bands that had already been booked—including those signed to play the Mardi Gras Bash—to go their own way in search of work. Current plans are to file for bankruptcy protection for the purposes of financial reorganization. Rumors have it that if the story doesn’t end at Chapter 11, the joint will reopen in March with the fine dining toned down and the honky-tonk played up. “And I think when the place opens up, they’re going to start looking to bring in more national acts,” sighs one displaced local player. “That’s business. CP