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American University Park may seem like a sleepy backwater compared with other mayhem-ridden District neighborhoods, but don’t ever block Ed Barron’s Massachusetts Avenue driveway. Barron professes to have let the air out of the tires of some 40 automobiles over the past eight years. He says he leaves just enough air for the driver to limp into the Exxon station on 49th Street NW. Barron recently publicized his diversion in dc.story (story@intr.net), an e-mail newsletter, writing, “I have called the police non-emergency line every time someone—virtually always a Marylander—has inconsiderately parked in my driveway. The police have responded only three times. Only once did they issue a ticket. Since I cannot rely on the D.C. police to ticket the offenders, I put on my badge and invoke a modest form of frontier justice….If you park in my driveway and I have some place to go, you will pay for the privilege.” CP