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I’M WRITING TO clarify the recent reference on the letters page to Eric Bazilian (The Mail, 2/16), current Grammy nominee for “One of Us” as song of the year, as an “erstwhile” member of the Hooters. This characterization makes it sound like either the Hooters are defunct, or that Eric is no longer a member of the band—neither of which is this case. Eric is very much one of the Hooters, although he was of course very involved with Joan Osborne’s critically acclaimed album Relish (as was Rob Hyman, another member of the Hooters).

While band members have been involved in a variety of projects, the band itself is also alive and well. They have recently signed on with Polygram Records, under the Blue Gorilla label—the same label that produced Relish—where they will once again be working with Rick Chertoff, producer of the Nervous Night album. During the summer of 1995, they were touring in Europe (where, as here, they have many enthusiastic fans), and they are currently working on their next album, following up on their 1993 release, Out of Body. With luck, we’ll be seeing them rock the Bayou in 1996!

Cleveland Park

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