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THIS LETTER, I AM SURE, will be one of many from Western Square Dancers. My husband and I were dancing at the Village Swingers the night your reporter, Eddie Dean, was there. It was jarring to read his article in the Washington City Paper on square dancing in the Washington suburbs (“The Great Square Dance Conspiracy,” 2/23). I was confused and angry. Was this the reporter who acted friendly and sociable—but who viewed older groups as cults and wealthy? Conspiracy, fascism, war, battles with other types of dancing. I think not. Even comparing a picture of a smiling girl square dancing on the cover of Smithsonian to Linda Blair’s 360-degree head swivel in the Exorcist. It is this kind of thinking that deprived my granddaughter from wearing a Halloween costume to school. Eddie Dean needs to find another occupation.

Potomac, Md.