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I’VE READ THE RECENT ar-ticle by Eddie Dean on “The Great Square Dance Conspiracy” (2/23).

What’s the point? The comments about giddy geezers, conspiracy, mind control, dance of the macabre, etc., leave me wondering if some insane person produced the article. Was this some miserable attempt at humor? Like I say: What’s the point? Is it objectionable for people to have good, clean fun? Is there resentment in the fact that people like to get together regularly and enjoy each other’s company while getting the benefit of aerobic activity? Does the pursuit of pleasure absent alcohol offend your sensibilities? Your pointed comments about senior citizens are extremely offensive and reflect an outrageous level of bigotry on Dean’s part.

There seems to be a chord of resentment running through the article about getting designation as the “official folk dance,”—is this it? Resentment toward a bunch of “seniors” seeking promotional endorsement of their activity?

There were even comments about square dancing being somewhat similar to activities in “Nazi Germany” or “Stalinist Russia.” At this point the article becomes so silly that it is totally absurd.

If you need to go off the deep end in your commentaries, why not look closer at the wholesome environment you wallow in. You know what I mean: crime capital of the world, deadbeat local government, brain-dead school system, etc. You have lots to choose from.

Olney, Md.