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Taxi Driver has been enjoying a successful 20th-anniversary run this week at the Cineplex Odeon Embassy theater on Florida Avenue NW. But at a time when conservative commentators are roiled up over the impact of movie violence on the American psyche, few theater patrons appear concerned that the film is playing in the shadow of the assassination attempt it in-spired. Fifteen years ago, John Hinckley’s bullet bounced off President Ronald Reagan’s limousine and into his chest as Reagan left the Washington Hilton’s ballroom entrance on T Street, about 150 yards from the movie theater. Hinckley sought to emulate the film’s assassination plot to impress actress Jodie Foster, who played a 12-year-old prostitute in the movie. Embassy usher Mabel Mejia says customers don’t draw the connection between the film and the event. Hilton officials had no reaction to the movie playing so close to home. (They have long since made structural improvements to the hotel to ensure the safety of presidents who frequently stop by the city’s largest ballroom for conventions and dinners.) Meanwhile, Hinckley has reportedly been granted grounds privileges and supervised off-campus day-trips from St. Elizabeths Hospital. He could not be reached for comment on whether he’d be seeing the re-released film. CP