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with Eddie Dean’s characterization of modern Western square dancers as “giddy geezers” (“The Great Square Dance Conspiracy,” 2/23), I think he did a good job of explaining why traditional folk dancers object to the state square-dance laws that are being passed all over the country. I don’t object to honoring square dance in some way; a “National Square Dance Week” or a commemorative postage stamp would be just fine by me. Why? Because in doing that, they are not denying any other dance form the same honor. Not so with designating a state or national symbol. To give any particular cultural activity such an exclusive honor shows a lack of appreciation for the diversity of this country.

Modern Western square dancers may indeed succeed in their legislative goals due to political savvy or sheer numbers. However, folk dance is a grass-roots activity that thrives without official sanction. A national folk dance designated by legislative action is indeed an oxymoron.

Silver Spring, Md.

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