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the “let’s bash BET” article (“Why BET Sucks,” 3/8), I felt so betrayed and angry that I just had to rush to my computer to give Holly Bass a piece of my mind. I ask you, Holly, how dare you say these things about our only black network out there? I agree BET is by far not the best channel on television, but it surely is not the only one and it doesn’t deserve this aggressive “trashing” of yours. I would expect no less from white folks, but from a sister, it hurts! To think that you spent a whole day in front of the television looking for ways to criticize that particular channel and not the others makes me wonder about you. As brothers and sisters, we need to find ways to uplift and support each other. Constructive criticism is necessary, I’ll give you that. But there was nothing but angry attacks in your article. I hope you feel good about yourself, because I, and many others, don’t feel good about you.

Logan Circle

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