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DREAM ON, JONETTA ROSE Barras (“Choice Retreat,” 2/23). Hypothetically, if the so-called better schools only have a total of 200 seats available, who do you think will get those seats? The answer: the same people who currently have the wherewithal to send their kids to private schools and those like you with name recognition and clout. (“If we don’t let her kid in she may write a really damaging article about us.”)

Who will determine which kids go to school where? The same people who make that determination now, vouchers or not. Vouchers are an idea created by people who can afford to but are tired of paying tuition.

I just had an idea! Why not, as a parent, require the schools to actually teach your children? Keep showing up at the schools and shouting at PTA meetings until they do just that. Don’t let the “haves” use the “have nots” as a cause for their benefit again.

Cleveland Park