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I AM WRITING TO EXpress my disdain for Holly Bass’ article, “Why BET Sucks” (3/8). Her objective yet heavy-handed assessment of the network’s programming is nothing more than an insight into her disliking infomercials, videos with scantily clad women, and the O.J. Simpson interview (all of which, with the exception of the O.J. interview, appear on other cable stations).

There are some quality shows that Bass failed to mention: shows like The Color of Money, Lead Story, For Black Men Only, BET All-Star Campus Challenge, and Comic View—a show that gives exposure to up-and-coming black comedians.

If it were not for BET, where else would black musicians have an outlet from which they could entertain their fans? Don’t even mention MTV; with Beavis and Butt-head, it has sunk to the depths of garbage-TV programming. Yet Bass chose to cite this network when comparing BET to other cable stations.

Also, judging by the tone conveyed with regards to the O.J. Simpson interview and the fact that Washington City Paper is a white publication catering to readers who are predominantly white, there seems to be a hidden message that you (and many other whites) still have not accepted the verdict.

BET is entertainment for African-Americans. And before any of us feel the need to trash it, we should realize how fortunate we are to have such a medium that does attempt to cater specifically to blacks. And furthermore, we as African-Americans need to shed this mentality of criticizing and backbiting one another.

Fort Totten Park