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Menstruation was the genesis of the “Women’s Psychotronic Film Festival.” The male judges for the Washington Psychotronic Film Society’s Psycho Awards couldn’t go with the flow and voted Katherine Pancake’s film, Klumpi (Heart) Wonderful, unshowable. WPFS High Priestess Melanie Scott has been steaming ever since, and tonight gets her revenge, premiering that work along with a variety of chick flicks, including (sometime CP contributor) Virginia Vitzthum’s cheeky Leather Jesus Girls in the Year Zero: An Easter Story. It’s all in honor of Women’s Histrionics Month. (Ooh, I’m gonna pay for that one.) At 8 p.m. at Las Cruces, 1524 U St. NW. $2. (202) 736-1732.CP