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The running joke at the old club was the fire marshal’s placard on the wall by the front bar. “199 maximum capacity.” Yeah, right….

My greatest expectation of the new club has been shredded. At the Lou Reed show (“Wanking Off in Public,” 3/15), I found myself pushing and shoving just to get a glimpse of the stage. After shelling out $25-plus to get in, I was expecting to be able to see the show in relative safety and comfort. Just trying to exit the club after the show was a major ordeal.

When is club management going to wise up and limit the number of people they let into the club? It is their responsibility to provide for the health, safety, and welfare of their patrons! What is it going to take to make them change their policy? An untimely visit from the fire marshal, or perhaps a tragedy?

Silver Spring, Md.