It’s official: Girls Against Boys are Sassy. They’ve been declared as much in the April issue of the teen magazine’s “Cute Band Alert” column. Such recognition comes a little late, though, considering that this once-local quartet pretty much wrote the book on sassy. But now, the trendy girls cooing over co-frontman Eli Janney (who, I swear, is the Peter Brady of rock) will have to fight it out for space in the front with the harDCore crowd. Too bad for the latter, since House of GVSB, the band’s latest release, is to be the last with indie cred (the next record begins a highly publicized contract with DGC). The band is graduating to the majors with honors, though. Producer Ted Niceley (Fugazi, Jawbox, Trampoline) has figured out the formula for recording GVSB as they sound live, with Scott McCloud’s sultry vocals teetering between cocky and sexy—it’s hard to decide whether his swagger is a turn-on or just plain annoying. The dueling basses—with Janney’s played almost like a lead guitar, they provide the signature to GVSB’s sound—add much-needed bottom to a typically high-end-heavy neopunk sound. And with songs like “Disco Six Six Six” and “Vera Cruz,” GVSB makes like a Dischordant version of the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion—you know, sassy.—Tina Plottel