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RE: “WHY B.E.T. SUCKS” (3/8). I am a 41-year-old white male who probably watches too much TV. My cable system here in San Diego includes BET, and I usually stop when I hit upon it. Between Sanford and Son and the weekend shopping spree they run, I do enjoy the jazz shows. Unfortunately, Holly Bass was right on when she described it as a true disappointment in broadcasting.

Although I must admit it was really interesting to witness the O.J. conversation with Ed Gordon, I have never seen marketing as raw as what was shown prior to the actual interview, when O.J.’s mom and sister sat there between ads for the videotape. It was truly shameless promotion.

BET needs to get original programming desperately. Until this occurs, I will keep flying by Dionne Warwick and infomercials for the AB-Flex. Thanks for the article.

San Diego, Calif.