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I am responding to the Federal Stores ad on Page 84 of the April 5, 1996, issue of the Washington City Paper.

There was a section that I found incredibly harmful and rude. It was a picture of a female midget stepping out of a computer screen wearing some sort of sex outfit. I feel that this is a harmful and, as the ad itself says, a “tasteless” way to portray a group of people who are already wrongly looked down upon for no reason other than their physical difference from taller people.

While I agree that you have every right to publish this, and that hard-core sex pictures of two equal partners would not in the least bother me, I found this picture not only to be exploitative of women, but of people with physical differences from most people. The ad is obviously there to sell a product that maliciously pokes fun at a group of people, exploiting their difference, and to make a profit selling the tape to people who find it funny to laugh at a person physically different from themselves.

I just wanted you to be aware that I feel that running the picture in question was in poor judgment, immoral, and downright mean.

Alexandria, Va.

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