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“Retreats and spirituality workshops have become such a hot consumer item one wonders if seeking the holy has become an end in itself,” writes Kathleen Norris in The Cloister Walk, an account of her life among Benedictine monks. Readers already know Norris as something of an ascetic—in Dakota: A Spiritual Journey, she renounced Manhattan for South Dakota. She further demonstrates this talent for self-abnegation in Walk, a journal-style reflection on time and on human interaction. In spite of Cloister’s scriptural content, Norris doesn’t thump the Bible too hard. She simply puts prayer in a modern perspective, a difficult task in a country where yoga equals muscle tone rather than mysticism. The poet/essayist reads at 7 p.m. at Politics & Prose, 5015 Connecticut Ave. NW. FREE. (202) 364-1919. (Nathalie op de Beeck)