As I sit here in my baggy sweat suit, which covers my middle-aged, lumpy cellulite, (I just removed my skirted bathing suit), I feel compelled to respond to Alexis B. Rohde’s article in the 3/29 issue of Washington City Paper (“It Was Fun to Swim at the YWCA”). The article is replete with ageism! It is insulting to those of us who are in the AARP league, demeaning to the staff of the YWCA, and presents an inaccurate portrayal of the population who frequent the YWCA.

First, JoAnn Sadler should contact the Commission on Aging of the District of Columbia for information on water aerobics and other exercises offered to residents without charge if she is concerned about escalating costs at the YWCA.

Second, the staff at the Y remains primarily the same since the transfer of management. They are professional, friendly, helpful, and always available for assistance—sometimes “too” available, as they encourage you to work harder and push you to your limits without regard to age! Yes, they now wear the colorful garb of the Sports and Health Club, but I don’t recall their wearing any “broken-in sweats.” They wore the usual athletic attire.

I am a professional resident of D.C. who finds the Y convenient to my home and my job; therefore, I intend to maintain my membership. If inflation should necessitate an increase in the fees at the Y, I will make the sacrifice to pay the increase, if only because of the extremely friendly and professional staff. You surely won’t get a better deal at a private club!