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I could have danced all night listening to the super-cali-fragil-istic-expi-ali-docious Julie Andrews. There is really no other word for her bright, clear voice—it is one of my favorite things. It had me falling in love with love, I wanted to gather lilacs in the spring! This is new, I thought, but wouldn’t it be loverly if the hills were always alive with the sound of Julie’s music? Without it, well, what would the simple folk do? You could—and maybe should—buy the tall stack of Broadway and movie soundtrack albums that comprise the bulk of Miss Poppins’ career. Or you could put this single disc on and let the 19 tracks transport you to a place that is both timeless and thoroughly modern. And always so properly tasteful. (One travel tip: Bypass the duet with Carol Burnett.) If not, then you can go feed the birds (tuppence a bag).

—Dave Nuttycombe