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Immunity Disunity

READ YOUR ARTICLE on Paul Butler (“Innocent Even if Proven Guilty,” 4/19).

Deficient intellects with defective ideas are not to be provided with a forum of any kind, including Washington City Paper or George Washington University (GWU), where Butler teaches. GWU is not Hyde Park—ie., a reserve for eccentrics, crackpots, and others who are half-a-bubble out of plumb. Butler should be removed.

If Butler has his way, his community, which has failed its residents far more than the larger community (read “whites”) ever has (get out of your victimology, Paul), will continue to fail with even greater frequency. To give drug dealers, burglars, etc., some sort of diplomatic immunity through black jury nullification for black defendants, and allow them to remain at large after committing crimes, will do many things, none of them pleasant. One of the unpleasantries is that such immunity will reduce the risk of doing business in crime. And more young blacks (or any other race, people, or nationality) would engage in that business. Low capital requirements, high reward, etc.

I don’t want this sort of immunity in my community. Perhaps we could provide these people with that immunity only within the geographic bounds of their community, or Butler’s. Don’t think even Butler would stay in that community for long.

Butler needs to engage his brain, not his frustration. Butler needs to assume his responsibility, not play the victim. This is not easy, granted. But then, well, we know life’s not easy. We need to improve our communities and our sense of civics. Get with it, Paul.

Mount Pleasant

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