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Proven Guilty” (4/19) was an excellent representation of a serious social problem. Putting all conspiracy theories aside, Africans here in America have been in a state of denial when it comes to the criminal “Just Us” system in America.

The propaganda will lead you to believe that criminality is an essential part of African society. What is pervasive in America is the victimization of African people by the criminal “Just Us.” I’ve never been held at gunpoint in N.Y., L.A., Chicago, or D.C. by a drug dealer or gangster, but I’ve had policemen draw revolvers as I’ve parked my car to go to Kramerbooks, walked from Howard University to my work-study job at Dupont Circle, and walked to my dorm. My cohorts routinely encounter exactly the same. I wasn’t arrested in any of these cases; the police were just looking for someone who vaguely fit my description. But these experiences were not the first time I smelled something funky from the “Just Us” system.

Alexandria, Va.

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