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little early with his story, “Party Poopers” (4/12). If writing now, he would want to mention the Republicans for an Uncommitted D.C. Delegate Slate. We are making the presidential primary on May 7 a contest. The Bob Dole slate is now running scared, for it knows the Uncommitted Slate could be an embarrassing “pooper” on his way to the nomination. Our community-oriented slate may well scoop up a victory for our city.

The Uncommitted Slate consists of 28 people who have not “given up.” Their attempt to build a “vibrant democracy” within the District and among D.C. Republicans began by recruiting members from all eight wards, probably for the first time in a D.C. presidential primary, and by ensuring a Big Tent welcome. (Yes, even Log Cabin is welcomed.) The Slate is running on a Statement of Principles that expresses the views of many fiscal conservatives and social progressives in the GOP.

Wemple states that “Washingtonians are accustomed to powerlessness.” The Uncommitted Slate is running to change that. Our surprise victory will focus attention on the District. We accept that Dole will be the nominee. We are certain that our victory can help him move to a more inclusive party and thus to a more likely win in November. This party-building effort, Mr. Wemple, is the hopeful exception you were seeking. It is certainly not “irrelevant,” for it is a winning message to San Diego on the issues of our nation and our city.

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