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Baywatch and Playboy babe Pamela Anderson Lee makes her big-screen debut in this sci-fi superheroine flick, which displays more of her much-vaunted breasts than the former and less than the latter. Lee’s charms aside, there’s little to distinguish director David Hogan’s comic-book adaptation, which is clearly pitched to fans of The Crow. This film apes that one’s mean streets, black leather, and punk-metal, but fails to touch its sense of gothic style. Barb is a former revolutionary who runs a techno-noir biker bar (cf. Strange Days) whose losses she subsidizes by tracking down the occasional bail-jumper. Her brother (Jack Noseworthy), blinded in the war against the Gestapolike fascists who now run most of the country (cf. Tank Girl), reinvolves Barb with the resistance when her former lover (Temuera Morrison) shows up with a defector (Victoria Rowell) he’s trying to smuggle into Canada (cf. The Handmaid’s Tale). There’s lots of gunplay and tight, low-cut outfits, but the star’s performance is stiff and the film is flat. At area theaters; see Showtimes for venues. (Mark Jenkins)