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I congratulate you on Jonetta Rose Barras’ well-written article detailing the actual conditions that have led our city to its present unenviable situation (“The Home Rule Charter: Rewrite the Damn Thing,” 5/10). Spreading awareness as to the very disadvantageous rules of governance under which we function is a great service to the cause of achieving an equitable status for residents of the District. It has been far too common for residents and nonresidents alike to place all the blame for our woes on ineffective and inefficient governance. Thanks to the terms of home rule, inefficiency exists in our city by design.

It is unfortunate, though, that the introduction to the article implies that U.S. Statehood Rep. John Capozzi is limited to just one facet of the struggle to save our sinking city. No community leader is more aware of the untenable conditions under which our city functions. Often I have heard Capozzi address the fact that these conditions were created in large part by the home rule charter and the crippling debts and obligations we inherited from the federal government. As long as he has been an activist in the city he has directed much of his effort towards the attainment of statehood for Washington, D.C., and equitable representation for its residents.

My delight in seeing Barras’ article was only as great as it was because of the education I have received from Capozzi on the topic.

Mount Pleasant

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