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Heartworms may be Velocity Girl’s Archie Moore’s other band, but according to house and band mate Trish Roy: “thery’re an ugly pet-killing disease.” Before you call in Peta, look at the name from Trish’s perspective: “we like to think of it as worming your way into someone’s bean, it’s about love It’s also about the twisted ‘codependent’ side of love and about having someone in your heart you didn’t really want there.” With a high tech studio in their basement (dubbed ‘Mulberry Lane,” that’s no relation to ‘Abby Road’), Heanworms have released plenty of records, including splits with the Apples in Stereo and Guided By Voices. Their new album “Fire Engine Red” will be released on Sub Pop later this year. We cornered Archie, Trish and their drummer R. Scott Kelly one sunny afternoon….

Rigs and Cigs:

Trish:Strat into Fender Tweed amp .1 smoke Camel Lights, but don’t tell Archie.

Archie:Les Paul and a slightly bigger Fender Tweed. I don’t smoke.

Sets and Pets:

Scott’87 Tama because Stuart Copland had it, I couldn’t have his feathered hair the least I could do was play the same drnms.

I’m allergic to every hairy beast and everyone thinks I’m mean because I run away from their slobbering dogs.

Trish:Two adorable kitties named Maddie and Rosie.

Bars and Cars:

Trish:I actually never leave the house so I don’t have a favorite bar. And are you serious? Favorite car?

Archie:My favorite car would have to be Trish’s. (that’s an ’88 Ford Escort)

Scott:I have to say Fox and Hounds for the bar (yawn) and as for the car, I’m a reasonable guy, something that will fit my drnms and be stylish. Perhaps a Subaru Legacy Wagon AWD with ski and bike rack.

Digs and Wigs:

Trish:I lived in this apartment downtown DC when I was much younger There were five of us living in a two bedroom place. We had two single beds and a couch. The roaches were so huge that they flew small distances. Half the windows were broken and we would just sit around at night watching the male prostitutes in drag walk the street. I live there for a full five months. The worst haircut I had is too traumatic to taik about, let’s just say it involved a penn.

Archie:One time asfter a Velocity Girl show at some University we had to spend the night next to the stage, on the floor, no pillows, no blankets, nothing.

In high school a friend gave a mullet haircut. No pictures were allowed during that time.

Scott:I’ve never had a bad haircut, I mean really, with a face like mine… Actually I did have long hair once, shave on the sides and pulled back into a pony tail. I guess I was going for that “Industrial-Goth” look but all I achieved was the God-fuckingawful look.

Threads and Breads:

Trish:Polyester shirts and dungarees with my Converse One Stars.

Any kind of vegetable juice makes me deliriously happy.

Archie:I have this sparkiy gold shirt that I wear with no pants. (that’s my favorite, too Trish).


Scott: On the golf course, roomy trousers and a comfy linen button down with the sleeves rolled up.

A spicy treat, so hot it makes me cry but mmmm, it’s a good pain.