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Forget the Terminator, the Thunderbolt, and the Zipper. The most dangerous attraction at the carnival is a foulmouthed, dunk-tank performance artist named Bobo. Caged like a John Wayne Gacy clown on death row, the chain-smoking Bobo hurls vile insults that really sting: His genius is for finding the freak in everyone. Thin-skinned sensitive types had best stay away, but parents of Barney-whipped kids should visit Bobo’s tank for the educational experience—to give their brainwashed tots a taste of the real world. (There’s no advance word on whether this will be the same Bobo who toured with the Strates Shows back in ’94, perhaps the foremost master of this unheralded American art form, but it’s worth a shot or two to find out.) At the Gaithersburg City Youth Fair, from 5 p.m.-midnight May 24 & 28-30, noon-midnight May 25-27 at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds, 16 Chestnut St., Gaithersburg. $5 (proceeds benefit the Gaithersburg Sports Association). (301) 216-0303. (Eddie Dean)