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Your piece on Patrick Knowlton (“Witness Persecution Program,” 5/24) is the sloppiest piece of reporting I have seen in a long time, and from a paper that should know better. Knowlton’s claims are generally circulated by such investigative luminaries as the Rev. Jerry Falwell and followed up on by such respected ethicists as the Hon. Alfonse D’Amato. You quoted Chris Ruddy, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reporter, as an objective source?! You might have mentioned the controversy that surrounds Ruddy and his newspaper on the Whitewater matter, but no, you thought it best to help Knowlton glean more money from “no strings attached” donations. That’s right—it seems poor, helpless Pat has his attorney post pleas for donations, which Pat doesn’t have to use to pay legal fees. Are you guys really so dumb that you got snowed by him and his phony claims? Do you really believe that he’s so important that 13 FBI Special Agents would be assigned to monitor him? Knowlton is clearly just trying to cash in on the Whitewater frenzy, and you guys are giving him free ad space.

Bethesda, Md.