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Re: “Finders’ Keeper” (5/24):

The name of the photo album was “The Execution of Henrietta and Igor.” It had photographs of adults and children in robes slaughtering goats. It had children pulling dead goats from a womb. It had an adult presenting a goat’s head to a child.

The commentary of Eddie Dean: “You’d have thought the Finders had been tried and convicted of killing Bambi.”

Add to this six children that appear unkempt and disoriented living out of a van.

The explanation of Robert Terrell: “We were just slaughtering the goats for food. People take pictures of their kids doing all sorts of things.”

Now I know about a husband-wife child psychologist team that has badgered children into outrageous claims of satanic sex in the middle of the afternoon in easily accessible day care establishments. I know most of that stuff is crap. But in this one case, just what would it take for someone to suspect something is wrong here? Is this the accepted manner to transport children and teach them to kill animals for food?

Any ideas why the women of the cult have left and taken their children with them?

Arlington, Va.

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