In today’s society, drugs, sex, violence, and unemployment are all evident on a day-to-day basis. We all have an understanding of this and, throughout our lives, we often try to figure out ways to help put an end to these problems. Understanding that there are negative attributes in our society, what is the reason for an article exposing the life of a lonely, drunken African-American man?

I am referring to your article about a gentleman named Red (“Battered Neighborhood Syndrome,” 5/31). The article had absolutely nothing positive to say at all. This is a gentleman who has obviously given up on life. My question to you is why do an article about his failures? What was the point? This is a man that has not killed anyone, sold drugs, abused anyone, or done any crime that has done anyone any real harm. I am quite sure that you could have produced an article about something more positive than this one. I am very disappointed.

Hyattsville, Md.