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for responding to Washington City Paper’s lopsided coverage of the 6th Annual Spring Mourning Vigil for Chickens (The Mail, 5/31). It’s easy to laugh at the idea of a mourning vigil for chickens. Animal eating is normal. Animal holocausts are capitalist triumphs. Americans accept and respond to aggressive food advertising—eating like robots.

What myself and about 25 others did on Sunday, May 19, was attempt to stop the robot. It was amazing how quickly some people dismissed us. I could see the fear in their faces—their blank stares said, “Freaks gathering—must stay away—must not look them in the eye—must not think—must not question—must not change—must eat fried eggs now,” or some variation on that theme.

Even more amazing to me was City Paper’s “coverage” of the event. City Desk (5/24) portrayed the vigil in a humorous vain, trying to lighten up the issue a bit—poking some fun at the wacky activists—talking to the restaurant owners for their opinions on the matter. For an alternative newspaper, that’s mighty robotic. In any event, thanks again to Karen Davis for her continual and articulate fight to liberate the voiceless from suffering.

Mount Pleasant