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The Bubble Bath Beats 12-inch EP by Wheaton’s DJ Kaos is an abstract hiphop record not content to simply ride out chubby beats while a battery of analog synths gurgle along. The A-side, “Mixilplix” (a bastardization, evidently, of the name of that little fella from Superman comic books), is an energetic trip through several b.p.m.’s, flavors, and grooves. “Mixilplix” is a fractured though complete composition, but Kaos (nee Nick Johnson) says that the song and the EP are “made toward DJs. It’s a beat record which enables DJs to utilize between a two-and-a-half, three-minute…groove” to segue their mix. If only all break records were this imaginative. On the flipside, “The Deal” delivers a Cheech and Chong sample before slinking around a realm of Scorn-reminiscent, spooky, hiphop dub. “Xena” features a meaty, creaky bass line and laser-gun sound effects, and “Tase-Tee” is languid triphop.

Bubble Bath Beats is on Hypermix Records, the label co-run by Johnson and DJ K (Karl Kremelmeyer). Johnson DJ’d at the now defunct Ground Zero club and is currently gigless, but he and Kremelmeyer are keeping busy as the Hypermix Sound System. “We’re working on some music for a video production someone is doing on area clubs,” Johnson says. “It’s kind of hard sometimes for him to use the good sounds from the club, so he overdubs other people’s music.” The record is available for $5 postage paid from Hypermix Records, 2112 Belvedere Blvd., Suite 04, Wheaton, MD 20902. Call (301) 681-2817 for info.—Christopher Porter