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There was a letter to

the editor in last week’s edition of Washington City Paper by a woman concerned about your advertisements (The Mail, 6/7). I am a little concerned myself. Many times, I see the City Paper loose on the bus or subway, and it’s just easy access for teens to get into trouble. Just like the Washington Blade magazine, it should be restricted on where anyone could just pick it up and read it. How people live their lifestyle is their business, but my concern is what happens when “Pandora’s box” is open to an innocent child or teenager. It opens a new world to them, like the Internet. Don’t get me wrong, I do read the paper, and I think your paper is great, but when it comes to the advertisements, I have a problem with it. Just think—all of that phone sex. It could get some child in serious trouble for an outrageous bill, or some pervert could easily manipulate a child or teenager and scar them for life. Just because of an advertisement. You used to see those things in adult magazines; now it seems like sex is an easy thing to get into. I believe in freedom of the press, but I also believe in our youth being free from the press.

Alexandria, Va.

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