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In a family newspaper such as this, the only words from Rudy Ray Moore’s act that can be quoted are “and” and “the.” The suggestive spin the raucous comic puts on “it” is too shockingly provocative, and as for “but,” well….Suffice it to say that Moore speaks his mind, telling his rhyming tales to riffing funk or jazz accompaniment. He has claimed the title “Grandfather of Rap,” and his stories are deeply rooted in black life, carrying on and updating the adventures of Petey Wheatstraw and the Signifying Monkey. Many of these have been collected on a Greatest Hits CD. Moore’s cinema is as loose and no-holds-barred as his stage act. Films like The Devil’s Son-in-Law and Dolemite find the man all over the credits and the plots all over the place. Kung Fu, disco, preaching, and pimping—all Moore, all in the same scene. As the introduction on his CD recommends: “light up a joint, take a real good shit, and screw your wig on tight.” The equally earthy Wildman Steve sets the shit in motion. At 7:30 & 10:30 p.m. at the Takoma Theater, 4th & Butternut Sts. NW. $23.50. (202) 291-8760. (Dave Nuttycombe)