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This is in response to “Pride and Prejudice” (6/14). I fail to see the point in establishing Latino Christians as the only anti-gay people in the society, with the exception of the Christian Coalition that is “manipulating” these Latinos. I am certain that they came up with these ideas long before the Christian Coalition presented them. Christianity speaks of the act of sodomy way back in the “biblia.” Furthermore, why would any school board have to be persuaded not to “promote” homosexuality? If it were a favorable thing, then would they not have been given the ability to reproduce? Because if homosexuality were promoted so far, we would simply promote ourselves right out of existence, would we not? I don’t believe that the majority of homosexuals are so because they opted for that choice, but by some act that is their fate—unfortunate in my eyes. I would not want that to be my route in life, but I also believe that it’s not my duty to stand in judgment, but neither will I condone it. To promote something like that is preposterous and I doubt if gay people would want a gay world. Promote acceptance.

Alexandria, Va.

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