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Although I believe that it’s Section 136 and not 126, I was, nevertheless, happy to see our raucous section profiled in Cheap Seats (6/14). I have watched all but the first two D.C. United home games in that section, and it is, literally, an uplifting two-and-a-half-hour party every time.

I’m glad that you spoke about the unnecessary security presence at these games. These $3.80-an hour, cheap-plastic-windbreaker-wearing rent-a-cops need to understand that we are just there to have fun, jump up and down, and cheer our team. We’re not going to hurt anyone or destroy anyone’s property (although I have to admit I did break a chair during the Columbus game, but hey, with all of the money the Redskins bring in, it’s no real huge loss). It’s not a baseball game or a golf tournament. We are going to jump, throw streamers, and make noise with any musical instruments we can sneak in. Deal with it.

I have only one problem with the article and that’s the description of the ethnic makeup as Bolivian. Not only are there sizable amounts of other Latinos in that section (Argentina and El Salvador have huge representation) but there are African-Americans (such as myself), Trinidadians, and white guys waving their respective flags (I have a District of Columbia flag), all making as much noise as possible and yelling in what is probably unintelligible Spanish and English at the exploits of Steve Rammel, Marco Antonio “El Diablo” Etcheverry, Raul Diaz Arce, and John Harkes.

But McKenna did get it right at the end. It is a melting pot and it is fun. May the security guards relax and more people join the party. Y un mensaje para La Barra Loca: ¡Siga saltando!

Thomas Circle