It’s been well over a year since The Lost Boyz sent the rap world into maximum head-nod mode with the underground single “Lifestyles of the Rich and Shameless.” Since that time, hiphop fiends everywhere have been scanning the record release skies for an approaching album. The anxiety has been relieved only recently with the release of the Lost Boyz’s full-length album Legal Drug Money. The album is a verbal tapestry of crime, love, and life. Mr. Cheeks and Freaky Tah bring a call-and-response style accented by banging-ass beats and catchy (though sometimes annoying) hooks. The Lost Boyz invade today as part of the “Annual Reggae Fest,” and if their album is any type of preview, expect them to level the joint. No doubt. With Beenie Man & Blaze Band, Frisco Kid, Tanto Metro, Alley Cat, Image Band, Wirm Crew, Afrique Emperor, High Plain Drifter, and Positive Vibration Band from noon-10 p.m. at RFK Stadium’s Parking Lot No. 4, 22nd & East Capitol Sts. NE. $16. (301) 422-1728. (Ta-Nehisi Coates)