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As guitarist for Pitchblende, Treiops Treyfid deals in math rock, characterized by big angles, little melodies, and dense textures. For his solo recordings, Treyfid puts his slide rule away only slightly less often than with Pitchblende, but his XTC-esque doodles are definitely more minimal and melodic. On “Worry Machine,” his new 7-inch for VHF Records, Treyfid sings, “I’ve got my worry machine, and it’s a victory when I can throw something out.” In addition to those direct words by the normally oblique Treyfid, the song features quick-wristed strums on the acoustic guitar, several mood and tempo changes, and a defiance of convenience. The B-sides are short blasts of sound: “Stolen Face” marks Treyfid as an able Peter Murphy impersonator, and “Before Color Code” is a quirky instrumental. Available for $3.50 from VHF Records, Box 7365, Fairfax Station, VA 22039.

The Arlington quartet Ex-Atari Kid begins its debut 7-inch, “Wiggle Rock Pt. 2,” with someone whispering “Chaos is great,” but don’t expect Einstürzende Neubauten. The song is a moody, Flying Nun–style jangler that devolves into a wiry, crunching chorus, recalling the ’80s glory days of Homestead Records. The B-side, “Iced Novelle,” is a playful instrumental featuring a nursery-rhyme keyboard melody dancing around a bass line lifted from a circa-17 Seconds Cure song. Available for $3 from Supernova Records, P.O. Box 149, Arlington, VA 22210.—Christopher Porter