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The new electro movement isn’t all about ripping off the manic noises of Detroit techno-funk and the booty-bustin’ bass sound of ’80s Miami. The Florida duo Soul Oddity takes the language of classic electro and disguises it with foreign accents, pitch-bent electronic drums, squelchy tone squiggles, and a devotion to making all things sound Martian. Though Tone Capsule is a collection of hard-to-find singles, it flows like a break dance. “My bass is big, my bass is strong,” declares the sampled female voice on “Little Alien,” and all 10 of Tone Capsule’s tracks give the low end priority, making hind ends move like Boogaloo Shrimp in Breakin’. The fabulous sound of a vocoder appears on “People Party,” whose melody line sounds as if it were constructed from the cavernous ringing of water dripping from a stalactite. “Freq Shift” spotlights the creaking of frequency shifts over tippy-tapped freaky beats. The requisite intergalactic transmission bit is on “Soul Communication,” and “DJ Tokyo” conjures images of a dance club in a 21st-century, Blade Runnerized Japan. Taking the computerized sounds of the ’80s all the way around the millennium and back again, Soul Oddity ensures that the electro-future returns refreshed.

—Christopher Porter