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The D.C. control board ought to resign. The mayor was right to compare what is being tried on us to a German dictatorship, and wrong to back away by claiming the he meant the Germany of pre–World War I (“BundesMayor,” 6/14).

Congress is now dominated by fascists and racists (if temporarily), and they are trashing the District by trying to have it operate on insufficient funds, a problem to which the control board has no solution. Let’s not forget that Congress created the local government framework that gave rise to the problems that we now experience, so only Congress has the power to create a self-governing District of Columbia that works to the benefit of its residents. The sanctimonious Quislings of the control board provide Congress a smoke screen to foist upon the largely poor “minority” population a philosophy of social Darwinism based on artificial scarcity.

What Professor Newt and his cohorts have in mind for D.C. is to drive real estate prices down as far as possible, at the same time promoting gargantuan development projects in the name of helping the local economy, which they have helped to depress by shutting down the Fed. One wonders if the recent police attack on the quality of life here, the busting of the farmers’ market (City Desk, 6/14) is a further part of this dastardly plot. And what about the long-delayed completion of the Metro Green Line through predominantly black areas, so that when that is finished, speculators can be encouraged to move in and gentrify those neighborhoods, increasing local taxes and property values at the same time, so that the longtime residents will sell—a sophisticated scheme of urban renewal, aka “de-chocolatization.”

Most of the problems of this city are not unique thereto, but found in urban environments nationally, even globally. Just as one builds the foundation before the roof, we must work to empower those at the bottom of the heap first. An attitude change is required from the top of the power structure to the bottom, and from the ground up: a realization that we are all interconnected, and that helping the least among us is the only salvation for the most fortunate.

This means, for example, promoting economic activity that is simple for everyone to participate in without regard to race, national origin, or prior family educational background, e.g., cleaning up the environment with job creation in public works, which produces a nicer place for children and families. That would seem to resemble the political philosophy of the man your paper most often ridicules, Kaiser Marion Bismarck I.