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Until now, this Philadelphia quartet’s murky, low-fidelity recordings caused me to frequently check my tone arm for dust bunnies riding the needle. But buried beneath the sludge Bardo Pond hid amazing psyche-blasting epics. Now, the studiofied Amanita reveals the band’s trance trips in all their splendor. Album-opener “Limerick” begins with harmonically converging waves of feedback before settling into a space-mantra groove lasting for 10 shivering minutes. “Tantric Porno” doesn’t feature a chat between Shiva and a guy in a trench coat, but the song does convey a sexuality bordering on the religious thanks to Isobel Sollenberger’s cooing vocal. Her solar-system–encompassing whispers provide the emotional guidance that takes the cut’s free-swinging guitars straight into the heart of the sun. The aptly titled “Wank” might in fact persuade you to don a trench coat as Sollenberger’s coos become moans behind a simmering, bluesy drone. “Rumination” conjures a dimly, dramatically lit Mazzy Star—dark, mystical, and mysterious. The immense, billowing buzz of “RM” closes the record in a perfect haze, revealing that Bardo Pond’s flow-motion music deals not in shadows but penumbras, where the areas of light and dark blend to form intoxicating gray auras.—Christopher Porter