Like any number of Paris-based Zairian musical acts, the Soukous Stars have been subject to criticism by musical purists for allegedly offering a fast-food version of their birthplace’s cultural sustenance. Soukous Attack suggests such barbs are misdirected. Led by former Tabu Ley Rochereau guitarist Lokassa Ya Mbongo, and including vocalists who’ve worked with Rochereau, Kanda Bongo Man, and Zaiko Langa Langa–offshoot Grand Zaiko Wa Wa, the Stars craft arrangements that may omit the more ornate, slower rumba flavorings still used in Kinshasa, but that hardly makes the supergroup’s stew insipid. At 11 p.m. at the International Mall, 1401 University Blvd., Langley Park. $20. (800) 759-8065. (Steve Kiviat)