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Here’s my theory: The dinosaurs never existed. I’ve watched the Discovery channel and seen those dinky, dusty rock fragments archaeologists pull out of the ground. To extrapolate T. Rex from a chunk of clay is to connect a lot of missing dots with a very active imagination. Mind you, I may be wrong. John Gurche certainly disagrees. But then, he calls himself a “paleo-reconstruction artist.” Sounds like Michael Jackson’s makeup person, but Gurche has a doctorate in science and specializes in making dead things look lifelike. He will be displaying his Australopithecus makeover techniques in his illustrated lecture, “A Tale of Two Heads.” Tell Cher. At 6 p.m. at the Museum of Natural History’s Baird Auditorium, 10th & Constitution Ave. NW. $20. For reservations call (202) 357-3030. (DN)