Though entries came in from as far away as New Jersey, our “Spot the Drummer” quiz (7/12) proved harder than expected, with the winners correctly identifying just under half of the real stickmen. (Interestingly, the drummers for Engine 88 and Schnell-Fenster fooled almost no one; amazingly, only Kelly Guerke picked the most obvious skin-pounder, “Loomis” of Wax.) This and the fact that not a single letter of complaint arrived in defense of drummers proves our point that the percussion section is so lacking in respect and self-esteem that the only groupie it could attract is Dr. Kevorkian. Grand prizes of Metallica’s new CD (we hadn’t counted on a tie, so we’ve got to go buy another copy) and a stylish Washington City Paper T-shirt (XL only) go to D.C.’s Steve Gibb and the Garden State’s Rick Young, who each guessed seven drummers correctly. Second prize of one-and-a-half Midge Ure CDs (we hadn’t counted on a tie, so we’ve got to get out the hacksaw) are claimed by Jeff Rohe of Alexandria and John Butler of D.C., each with six skinsmen to his name. All our winners, we are sure, are thrilled. And in case you missed it, on July 7, Ringo Starr turned 56. Happy Birthday.

—Dave Nuttycombe