Shots in the Arm:

D.C. Council makes history by interrupting two-month summer repose and approving a meaningful piece of legislation initiating pension reform. +6

The Rev. Jesse Jackson quits as District’s statehood senator; tree falls in the forest. 0

Taking government ethics to its highest point in District history, Ward 5 Councilmember Harry Thomas abstains from vote on dog-muzzling bill, citing his Rottweiler, “Armani.” +5

District secures low-interest loan of $220 million from Lehman Brothers Inc., using federal payment and pothole museum as collateral. +7

Scene-maker Johnny Depp opens local branch of his hip club, the Viper Room, in the heart of downtown. D.C. lawyers show up in droves with top button unbuttoned in effort to let it all hang out. +6

Construction on Massachusetts Avenue and Whitehurst Freeway slows congressional Republicans on their way to bash the District. +9

District residents pack ’round-the-clock showings of Independence Day in order to see hometown blown to kingdom come. Moviegoing frenzy represents best economic-stimulus package since the redevelopment of Pennsylvania Avenue. +5

In a measure of Mayor Barry’s influence on national politics, Republican presidential hopeful Bob Dole complains that the NAACP “set me up.”+1

Subtotal: +39

The Damage Done:

Mayor Barry plans reception for 2,500 Republicans at San Diego GOP convention. San Diego homeless prepare to feast on leftovers. -5

Bullets superstar Juwan Howard bolts for Miami, spurning an offer that would have eliminated the District’s projected 1997 budget deficit. -12

Republican leaders Newt Gingrich and Trent Lott endorse federal income-tax cut for District residents, heightening chances they’ll move here. -4

Mayor Barry’s follows death-defying act of publicly drinking District water by denouncing a comprehensive five-point EPA plan to clean up the mess as “completely unacceptable.” -6

“Anonymous” is unmasked, creating conversation deficit among the Georgetown set. -4

60 Minutes gives the District 15 more minutes of national infamy.


Probe finds that 650 District corrections officers have had thorough hands-on job training—as convicts. -5

Feds transfer two islands in the Anacostia River to the city for theme park construction. Ricardo Montalban and sidekick Tattoo prepare to move in. -9

Subtotal: -49