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A quick note to the college students of America: On some full-mooned Saturday night this fall, as you descend into the beer-besotted basement of your preferred fraternity house, don’t be surprised if the horny brothers of Phi Kappa Fill-in-the-Blank have Neil Young With Crazy Horse’s new collaboration, Broken Arrow, cranking from the crusty speakers. Sure, it’s an uneven collection of quick-witted guitar jam sessions and washed-out ruminations on love lost, but with all those pickup lines as primary noise, it really doesn’t matter; perfect party background music is what Broken Arrow does best. In fact, that cold keg of Piels Light will taste so damn good when Young warbles, “I’m still living the dream,” on the first cut, “Big Time,” that you won’t even notice it’s by far the best and most listener-friendly of the album’s eight songs. And sure, the fact that your football team probably just got its ass kicked by Syracuse might have you a little down, but “Scattered (Let’s Think About Livin’),” which has Young setting aside his “Rockin’ in the Free World” cynicism in favor of an earnest plea for peace and love, will erase the bad buzz in no time. When Broken Arrow hits misty waters with the buzzing, lolling “Slip Away,” it will be a perfect time for that poor frosh, subject to barbaric hazing, to make his way across the dance floor butterball naked save for kabuki mask. As a backing band, Crazy Horse can rock with the best, so just enjoy the ordered hum, don’t expect anything groundbreaking, and for God’s sake don’t drink from the punch bowl. By the way, it’d be wise to stay clear of that green-tinted kid in the Georgetown sweat shirt: Hoyas just can’t hold their booze.—Sean Daly