In July’s The Needle,

Erik Wemple asserts that “Republican leaders Newt Gingrich and Trent Lott [are] endors[ing a] federal income tax cut for District residents, heightening the chances they’ll move here.”

The bad news is that both Newtie and the Trentmeister already live in town. The worse news is that over two-thirds of the Republican masters on the hill live in our diamond-shaped plantation—not in suburbia, while we few remaining middle-income shmucks are readying to flee into our new (albeit larger) cubicle dwellings in Centreville, Va. After all, when the rent goes up in my efficiency apartment to $15,000 a month, I’ll probably spend my $100 tax savings on a bus ticket out of Dodge.

Here’s the good news (there always is): You can pick up a copy of Celebrity Washington by Jan Pottker at any local bookstore, find out where our “miracle tax-rate” supporters live, and pelt them with eggs as they step off their NIMBY Foxhall Road front porches to spend the weekend at their Middleburg weekend cribs.